PHP & MySQL work togethe

PHP and MySQL are two different things that work complementarily. With the collaborative presence of these two, an effective database driven application can be drawn into action, be it an e-commerce site, a web application or anything that goes live online. With both of these entities being open source elements, you are going to enjoy penniless website creation the same way you can integrate several web based apps into the site you are going to create. Some of the plugin apps you would be able to incorporate would be a shopping cart and security essentials to raise your customer’s confidence in shopping through your site. You also won’t have any issue with the site’s performance because it is so easy to checkout the virtual back office space where customizations. The beauty of the open source technology at its finest.

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Why Techno Limited

If you find website creation to be quite a daunting task and would rather resort to professional service, we at Techno Limited Web Design have the right expertise to do the work for you, going by our talented and experienced software design experts. Whether you do business to consumers, business to business or any other forms of point to point business contacting, we can offer you solutions that would resonate to your budget and preferences. By implementing an effective content and lead management system, your online presence stays up to par while your customer or prospect base expands by the day.

To boost your activity all the more, our social networking applications will serve as boons to promote more solid client relations, especially with payment gateway integrations that provide them with the kind of security they need as they enter their credentials to proceed with making a purchase.

Techno Limited Bangladesh’s PHP development and software engineering team have excellent commands to bring out the ultimate web based solutions for you. Get in touch and we will be happy to cater to your needs.