Importance of Social Bookmarking in SEO

There are many different factors that will determine how fast and how efficiently you can climb the ranks of a search engine. One of these important elements is the use of social bookmarking. This is why social bookmarking service is one of the most powerful and popular SEO services. There are many social media networks that are basically dedicated to allowing people create bookmarks in a similar fashion to what you do on your computer when you like a site. You brose a website an if you want to be able to check it out again another day, you bookmark it in order not to lose the address. This is something that works very well and helps you site start getting noticed a lot more.

techno limited social bookmarking service

The most important thing to consider is that you need to find out about the most popular and high page rank (PR) sites that provide these services and you can simply start by bookmarking your own sits with your accounts. This is not going to have a large effect on your ranking but it’s definitely a good start. Some of the most popular social bookmarking websites include StumbleUpon, ,Diigo and Reddit etc. This means that the more people who use these networks to bookmark your site, the higher the chances of getting a great boost in your SEO as well as new visitors.

After launching website every webmaster must submit site to major search engines and social bookmarking websites. But searching high quality, popular and high PR social bookmarking sites can be very painful also you need to create new account to every site to bookmark your website which is time consuming as well. But we Techno Limited are dedicated to helping your new site get more social bookmarks for your business. This is something that is going to be bring lot of new visitors to any website that is starting out and it also benefits the big ones with a high ranking position by keeping them at the top. The point is that social bookmarking never stops being useful and you need to make sure that you make the most of it. Never forget that this is a very important element that is going to be extremely helpful in getting more online exposure for your website or blog.

Why Techno Limited

  • Top Websites: Be aware if someone says he/she will do 500 or 800 or 1000 social bookmarks for your website. Because most of the social bookmarking sites are very poor, and search engines consider those sites as spam. And bookmarking links from those spammy sites will surely get your website penalized by Google or search engines. Creating backlinks from 500 or 1000 social bookmarking sites is very very risky. This is why we use only selected, top quality and popular social bookmarking websites because we don’t take any kind of risk while building links for your website.
  • High Page Rank: As we said poor or spammy bookmark links will get your website banned by search engines. And this is why we don’t create any bookmark unless that site has high page rank. Page rank tells us the trust worthiness and quality of a website. And since bookmarking is very risky but effective SEO strategy we use minimum PR3+ bookmarking websites for our submission.
  • New Email: We create new email address for each and every customer and use that email account to create new accounts to top 100 social bookmarking sites. And provide the email address login to the customer so that he or she can use it later.
  • New Account: As we said we create new account to every bookmarking site and we provide you the login detail of all 100 sites so that you can use your account to bookmark your web pages later.
  • Manual: One of your stuff will create email address, create new account in every website and verify/confirm the email from bookmarking site and then will bookmark your website. The whole process is done manually to maintain the quality of the submission.
  • Approved: We will make sure your bookmark is approved by each and every website we use. That means you will receive all live links for high domain authority.
  • Verified Links: We will provide you all verified links that means you will get huge IP and Domain diversity which is loved by search engines.
  • DoFollow NoFollow: Throughout our website we said many times you cann’t just create all dofollow links for your link building campaign. All dofollow links is unnatural and risky and to keep it natural and safe we use some nofollow and some dofollow social bookmarking websites for your submission.
  • SERP Boost: Social bookmark is very powerful SEO strategy, if it is done correctly and since we do it professionally and safely, you will see huge SEO effect and SERP boost just within 10-15 days.
  • Quality Report: We will provide you a detail report in excel file where you will find all your live links, user names, passwords and login detail.
  • Delivery: Since we create new email, new account and submit manually we need 6-8 days to deliver the report.
  • Price: Just checkout few other bookmarking service providers and compare us with them and we are sure you will come back to us for our quality and price.

Features of Our Social Bookmarking Service

or 999/- BDT
√ 100+ Top & Popular Websites
√ High Page Rank (PR10-PR3)
√ 100+ Verified Unique IPs and Domains
√ 100% Manual Submission
√ New eMail Address
√ 100+ Website Login Detial
√ Verified & Approval Links
√ Mix of Dofollow Nofollow Links
√ High Domain Authority
√ Powerful One Way Link Juice
√ Huge IP & Domain Diversity
√ Effective SEO Technique
√ 100% SEO Friendly
√ Detail Excel Report
√ Delivery in 6-8 Days
√ 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

What We Need From You

  • URL: Send us the URL you want to bookmark (http://www.)
  • Title: Send us a title less than 60 characters
  • Description: Send us a description less than 150 characters.
  • Tags: 3-5 keywords.