We Are Professional Web Application Developer

Welcome to Techno Limited. We are web application developers in Dhaka, Bangladesh, with a passion for creating unique web and data applications, for whatever purpose you need. The team at Techno Limited knows web programming. Our experience with the most current technology (e.g. XML, PHP, MySQL, JSON, JAVA, Python, RUBY etc) has given us the knowledge and the ability to craft an elegant solution to any challenge you might face, be it a minimal search engine, a web enquiry system, or a complex data-analysis application.

techno limited website application development service

We know that even as web programming becomes more complicated, users are longing for simpler and easier interactions. That’s why at Techno Limited Bangladesh, we always design with the user in mind. Interface is everything, and can make or break an application. We keep our applications as straightforward and logical as possible, with easy-to-enter inputs and simple and readable outputs. As intensive as a web application might be, we want to keep the complex calculations behind the screen. Our team will develop algorithms that get the job done quickly, while keeping the mess behind the screen.

At Techno Limited, flexibility is a big priority. We want our applications to profit our clients, so we keep a keen eye on adaptability and possible modifications. We want to make sure you get the best possible application for your money, and are all about making that a reality.

Why Choose Techno Limited


We have some of the brightest web developers on our team, and we all take pride in the product that we build. We see programming as a vocation, not just a job.

User Accessibility

The biggest problems in web design happen when the architects of programs fail to put themselves in the shoes of the user. We make a great effort to always design with usability in mind.


We provide smart design that’s flexible for future changes. We’re focused on long-term satisfaction, including support and upkeep for your application.