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If you want to get online and have some sort of foothold on the online world then you need to make your site visible. A great domain name within Bangladesh can lead you on that path towards being noticed. Techno Limited can help you to get on that path. We have been working for Bangladeshi businesses since 2011 and with more than 1000 domain registration clients from all over the world; Techno Limited clearly has the knowledge that can be to your benefit.

Techno Limited domain registration service

However, you have to be aware of what you want to do when registering your domain. This is to give yourself a setup that will make your site easier to spot.

Look For a Great Extension

Domain names can come with many good extensions. You can get a .com domain but you can also get a domain to focus on your Bangladeshi background. You need to make sure the extension you choose is appropriate whether you need a .net, .biz, .org or .edu option.

Is It For Bangladesh?

If you have a domain that is going to target the Bangladeshi population then you need to add a .bd bit to your name. A name can work well for search engines for Bangladeshis including Google Bangladesh that is Your site may appear at a higher ranking if you add this .bd extension.

Get More Domains

You can also get more than one domain for your site. This is recommended if you are trying to get your online work to become noticeable. Also, it protects you from a legal point from others who try to infringe upon domain names that are far too similar or identical to yours in some way. Having more domains will help you to be a little more visible.

Why Choose Techno Limited

If you consult Techno Limited for help then you can get many things to go with your domain:

Email Forwarding

You’ll get email forwarding features that make it easier for you to reach your messages.

Park Domain

You can park your domain and also get your own single-page website.


Some reminders may be provided to you through emails or traditional mail to help you register your account when its terms are about to expire.

DNS Hosting

DNS hosting is also available with A, MX, TXT and CNAME support. Everything is fully automated in this case.

Private Registration

If you want we can hide your personal information and this will help you to protect you from spammers.

No Hidden Cost

Our domain name registration has no hidden cost and is transparent.


Full customer support is also available.

If you consider registering your Bangladeshi website’s domain name then you can really get quite a bit of support. Make sure you think about what you can get when finding something that fits in perfectly with what you desire.


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