Importance of Keyword Research in SEO

Keyword research is one of the most crucial aspects of search engine optimization and online marketing. SEO starts with keyword research and it is a practice used by SEO professional to find the actual words or a combination of words used by people when conducting a search on search engines’ search bars. There are several factors that go into choosing right keywords as well as different approaches for doing keyword research. If you want to be effective in your ranking and marketing your product or services to the correct audience then you need to find a keyword research service provider to help you find and optimize your website with correct, most relevant and effective keywords.

techno limited keyword research service

Choosing the right keywords for your website content, title, description, tags, backlink anchor text  will not only help potential customers to find the product or service you are offering easily, but also helps your site to achieve a higher ranking in search engines in order to generate more traffic.

The key to correct keyword research SEO is to use keywords that are highly targeted but less competitive. Popular and commonly used keywords are discouraged to target because they are very competitive and difficult to rank high. It is always wise to go for keywords with medium search and less competitive. And reputed keyword research company will make sure your target keywords are easy to rank and optimize. You need to position your site for the most targeted phrases that are directly related to your market niche.

With time, Keywords can lose popularity or become more popular. With this in mind, you should monitor the traffic and competitions generated by current key phrases and keep a look out for the new up-coming keywords. Armed with the right keywords, you can now provide great compelling web contents around what users need. Having great unique web content and proper on page optimization mean more people will find you and want to link to you. If you are not sure on how to do keyword research then you will probably benefit from hiring the services of a reputable keyword researching service provider.

Why Techno Limited

  • Profitable Keywords: Our keyword research team will find 50 most relevant and profitable keywords for you. All these keywords can be targeted for your website.
  • Low Competition: As we said no point of targeting popular and competitive keywords. They are virtually impossible to rank high. And that is why we only find keywords that are low competitive and comparatively easy to rank.
  • Monthly Search: Each and every keyword will have average monthly search volume and it will help you to understand which one will be the best one for your website.
  • PPC Rate: If you want to carry out a Google Pay Per Click campaign for your website or company you need to know the PPC rate of your keywords. Our report will provide you PPC for your keywords.
  • Latent Semantic Keywords: Latent semantic keywords are important since nowadays search engines are smart and want related keyword on you page. We will provide you 25 latent semantic keywords so that you can use them when writing your content.
  • Niche Idea: Our report will have total 200 keywords which will give an overall idea of your niche. This is important because if you have clear idea about your niche market, you can optimize your website and campaign properly.

What We Need From You

  • Idea: just give us some ideas of your business or service or product. We will do the rest.