Mobile Website Design Solution From Techno Limited

With increasing number of users of smart phones and tabs around the world, it has become all the more important for website owners to make their site mobile friendly. According to a survey in 2011, over 70% of internet users around the world use their mobile device to connect to the internet and surf the sites. At Techno Limited Bangladesh, we develop mobile website but have you even thought how you website looks on a mobile device? Is it the same as it looks on a laptop or desktop? Not at all! In fact, not having a mobile friendly website can make you lose a substantial amount of business.

techno limited mobile website design service

Why Having Mobile Friendly Website

Whether you have own an ecommerce store or a blog, it is important to serve your customers with the right impression and easy to understand interface. When we talk about website, even one second of difference in loading a webpage can cost you a lot of potential customers. With mobile phone browsing growing at a rapid rate, you need to make sure that you get your website optimized before your customers divert their ways to someone else. From poor download speed to scattered content, there can be plethora of reasons for your potential customers to leave you site and jump to others.

Why Techno Limited For Your Mobile Website

  • Mobile site is built on purpose keeping in mind the needs of mobile phone users.
  • The skin of the site is custom designed to suit the specific needs of your business.
  • Easy “touch and call” button to make it easy for your customers to call you.
  • Easy “find us on Google Maps” button to make it easy for your customers to find you.
  • Mobile site looks like typically like an iPhone app.
  • The existing website content is re- formatted to fit the current app style.
  • Users accessing your website from mobile devices are automatically redirected to the mobile site.
  • As soon as the small screen is detected, your optimized website will rearrange itself for easy viewing on small screens
  • Very fast method to make your website work quickly and effectively on mobile devices.
  • Eliminates need for having multiple versions of one website to update
  • Quick and easy management.