Importance of PAD Submission in SEO

The name PAD means Portable Application Description, and a PAD file is the easiest way for software creators to provide all needed information about their products for the online environment and submitted to software sharing or downloading websites using PDF submission software. A PAD file includes system requirements, price, contact info, file names, download link, relevant keywords, and other relevant aspects. PAD files are very difficult to create (as you need to have a software or script) and they are able to create valuable links for your website. And PAD submission is one of the secret SEO techniques used by SEO experts to boost website’s SERP.

techno limited pad submission service

Instead of requiring developers to fill out forms, many shareware and freeware directories accept PAD files directly. All of the current PAD specification, support, resources and tools are managed by the PAD Committee, inside the Association of Software Professionals. The proposed specification and format was designed to provide a consistent and standard method for communicating content. Standardization makes product comparison and tracing product evolution in time easier to handle. The PAD instrument is very useful for both publishers and webmasters, because it helps them save time and avoid confusion during processes like updates, maintenance, product publishing, or product distribution.

Beside the traditional ways of promoting a product or a service, thinking that any other additional way can only help your efforts can be misleading. At the moment, PAD file submission seems to have a limited ability to increase web traffic while not being an organic way to do it. You should also be aware of some sites that claim to provide software distribution based on PAD submission. These sites link your software with unnecessary add-ons and can in fact damage your reputation among users who decide to download it. Staying away from such websites and choosing only premium PAD submission services will make your software look more professional. Choosing quality instead of quantity will definitely be a trend for the future of the online environment.

Links are not valued equally by search engines. When you generate links from directories that store PAD files, you’ll need to make sure that those pages have content that is relevant to your field of interest and of appropriate value. Making the right decision in choosing the place where you submit your PAD files can give you a big push in the search engine rankings.

Why Techno Limited

  • Software Creation: PAD file submission needs a software or script. We will create a small software (.exe) or script file for you.
  • PAD Creation: PAD file creation is quite difficult and time consuming. And it must be done correctly. If the file is not created properly all your SEO efforts will go in vain. We will make sure your PAD file is written properly and in correct format.
  • 4 PAD Software: To submit your PAD file to all software sharing websites we will use 4 powerful and premium PAD submission software.
  • All Websites: Since we will use 4 best PAD File distribution software we will be able to submit your software to almost all software sharing websites.
  • Link Diversity: Today’s off page SEO means high quality links and link diversity. You need to get links from different types of websites and this type of software submission will provide you huge link diversities.
  • Dofollow Nofollow Links: Many of your links will come from nofollow websites and many will come for dofollow software sharing websites and this will keep your natural in the eyes of search engines.
  • Category: To make your submission very successful for SEO you must submit your software to correct category and when we submit your PAD file we always do it correctly.
  • Report: We will provide you a detail report of your submission so that you can see we have submitted your software or PAD file.
  • Delivery Time: We will delivery your submission within 7 working days.

Features of Our PAD Submission Service

or 1199/- BDT
√ Software Creation
√ XML PAD File Creation
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√ All Software Websites
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What We Need From You

  • Software Upload: The software we provide to you must be uploaded to your website.
  • URL: Your website URL (http://www.)
  • Keywords: You can provide us 3-5 Keywords
  • Category: A category for your submission.