Importance of RSS Feed Submission in SEO

RSS is an acronym for “Really Simple Syndication”, but it’s also known as “Rich Site Summary” by many people. The truth is the name is quite irrelevant but what it does is very important. Let’s say for example that you have bookmarked a number of sites and blogs that you always enjoy reading. You always check them out when you go online to see any relevant news that you might be interested in learning about. The problem is that sometimes there won’t be any news on those sites and you would have wastes some valuable minutes looking for info. This is what the RSS feed was created and distributed for.

techno limited rss feed submission service

RSS feed submissions are going to have a very useful impact on your SEO just like  high PR search engine submission&lt because this will create a larger number of people who will be updated about your content. This increases the chances that many of them will also share this with others and that is going to create a higher rate of visitors at all times. Your content will start to climb even higher and this is something that will be crucial for your success. Moreover, RSS feeds are picked by search engines very quickly and it helps to improve your SERP.

The RSS is going to get rid of this problem by allowing you to subscribe to the RSS of any of those sites that you like. This means that from the moment you subscribe you will be getting those news feeds send to you instead of having to go look for them. This is an excellent and very practical way to get your news and when you are an internet marketer it’s extremely important that you make sure that your website or blogs have an RSS feed option enabled. Once you have this available you will allow many users to take advantage of this option.

The great thing is that when people check out your RSS feed it counts as a visit to your publication and this is the reason why it’s very valuable to have it for your SEO needs. You can expect to get some great results for your search engine optimization when a large number of people subscribe to your RSS and read them constantly. It’s important to give this feature enough priority in your SEO efforts and you will be making it a lot easier for your content to climb the ranks efficiently.

Why Techno Limited

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Features of Our RSS Feed Submission Service

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What We Need From You

  • RSS Feed URL: Just provide us your RSS feed URL. If you don’t have RSS feed just provide us your website URL. We will create the RSS feed for you.
  • Title: 60 Characters title for your feed.
  • Description: 150 Characters description.
  • Keywords: 3-5 keywords.