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Search Engine Optimization is a process and a methodology used in increasing ranking in search results of search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and others. SEO is used to increase website traffic and get a bigger number of visitors for a specific website, which can be done by proper on page and off page optimization. And Techno Limited is the only SEO Company in Dhaka, Bangladesh that offers expert on page optimization and wide range of professional off page SEO services.

techno limited seo company bangladesh

The big names in search engines industry, like Google, promote or present pages that are considered high quality authority pages. Search engines are able to identify which of the web pages offer the most significant, relevant and useful content for searchers. The main premise is that people go online to search for answers and they go to authority pages to have their questions answered.

SEO involves designing and writing pages that use keywords and getting quality votes or links from high authority relevant websites. And keywords are actually words that people commonly use in search engines’ search bars. The first few sites that come up on initial results of any search are able to get more visits than others.

Benefits of Our SEO Works

Increase Website Traffic

Professional SEO experts can maximize your business efforts and revenue by optimizing your website on the page as well as off the page. And you will see a clear cut increase in traffic and sales since we know how to optimize to get more traffic to a website.

Brand Awareness

It can increase brand awareness of you business through appropriate SEO techniques. Targeting right keywords and developing optimized content with proper link building campaign can place your website on top of the result pages. This will make users trust your site and your brand. It also makes you and your site more trustworthy than competitors.

Long Term Results

Proper optimization can generally produces permanent results compared to paying for ads and clicks. A small upkeep may be needed to maintain your top position, but once you are up there, it would be unlikely for you to go down unless you really mess up with your website.

Cost Effective

It is one of the most popular cost-effective marketing strategies. Unlike strategies like cold calling, it is able to target people who are actively searching for something online; whether general or specific.

User Friendly

This strategy will make your site more usable for online users because it will improve and rearrange the architecture, link structure, page load time, page content and many more. And this makes your site user friendly and easier to find, as well as makes users find correct information quickly.

Beat Competitors

Search engine optimization can always help you to beat your competitors by utilizing effective tactics. Your competitors may have also realized that SEO works, but correct SEO company can help you to get to the top first before they do.

These benefits are put and explained simply for you to realize that SEO is a must for your business to succeed. Everyone else is doing it and it’s not too late for you. Just go through our on page and off page SEO services or just contact us.

Why Choose Techno Limited

We Are Always Up To Date

The Internet suffers perpetual change. Since the World Wide Web is such a dynamic medium, built by tens of millions of people that keep it forever active, it is crucial to be up to date with the latest developments and changes. That also applies for search engine optimization. Search engines are changing their algorithm frequently. SEO strategy what is working today may not work tomorrow. But our team is well versed in the inner workings of SEO and we put that knowledge and skill to work for your benefit.

We Are Focused And Strive For The Best Quality

For a long time SEO had been less than perfect. It encouraged the use of exploits and grey hat tactics while allowing poor quality content to rear its ugly head in the lists. In the past year, Google has made incredible progress, instilling an organic dominating trait. Thousands of links does not work anymore rather gets your website penalized by search engines. Now SEO means quality not quantity. So, quality matters and we make that our number one rule.

Our Goal Does Not Excuse Our Means

Even if Google has made considerable efforts in making SEO an organic process, there are still many companies out there that have no code of ethics and no respect for their clients or internet users. These so called companies use black hat SEO tactics in order to reach their goal and impress you. You can rest assured that we do not condone such plans and strategies. Although these actions and spammy tactics might bring results, they will be short lived and your online reputation will suffer in the long run. We do not guarantee number one spot as we know it needs time but we can guarantee that those so called SEO companies will get your website banned. Our way is safe and healthy and we know your website is like your baby. And most importantly, by choosing our company you can rest assured that you will have long term success.

We’re Affordable And Offer Great Prices

Choosing our services will not empty your pockets. We are perfectly aware that all people have expenses and budgets. If you compare our quality with our price then we are sure you will agree we are one of the most affordable and reputed SEO companies in the industry. As we do with our work, our packages are designed with the customer in mind.

We’ll Support You All The Way

We’ll be there for you long after our initial collaboration. SEO requires careful monitoring and sometimes, a bit of tweaking. Our company favors transparency and maintaining contact with our customers. We want you to be happy with our work even after delivery, so we’ll be tracking our progress to make sure that you are satisfied and we have done good job for you. Reputation matters to Techno Limited.

Our Customer Support Service Is One of The Best

Customer support awakens a feeling of dread in most people. We tend to envision long hours on the phone or on some instant messenger trying to make ourselves understood. You won’t be disappointed with ours. Our employees are dedicated professionals who make it their first priority to help you with anything SEO related.