Importance of Video Submission in SEO

Videos are the becoming the best method to convey fast, easy to understand and easy to access information around the web. Nothing can come closer to real human contact on the Internet like videos do. This is why video submission and distribution has become a very popular online marketing strategy.

techno limited video submission service

Page Rank (PR) is a parameter that estimates the likelihood for a given page to be reached by a user surfing the web. High page rank means that search engines trust that page and favor that particular page and return it early inside the list of search results. Videos inside a high PR videos distribution or sharing website are treated the same way as websites around the web. Search engines often change their algorithms in order to improve their services and avoid abuse and spam, and nowadays search engines put a lot of weight on high PR back links from video sharing sites.

And when you submit your videos to a high PR website that is build mainly around videos, you are reaching for a large pool of potential viewers that are already there and are very likely to stay. You can redirect them to your own website or target page by writing quality and unique content that is related to your field or business.

Sometimes it is not enough to have a growing number of viewers watching the video that tells your story. In order to sell, you have to reach either to a niche of viewers, or, more direct, to a group of people that share something in common with you. Social Media is more and more present over the years and social sharing has become the crucial aspect of a web video’s overall success. Nowhere on the Internet is its web like structure more visible than on platforms that allow direct share from one user to all those connected. Although black hat SEO practices have made their way even here, Social Media still holds the promise of an environment where ranks based on real people’s appreciations are more organic than those provided by the indexation offered by search engines.

Why Techno Limited

  • Popular Website: Your video will be uploaded to all top and most popular video sharing websites. No point of distributing videos to website with not traffic.
  • High Page Rank: We don’t create any back link from website that does not have page rank (PR). Page rank is considered as the quality of the website and search engines trust them. We will submit your videos to only high PR (PR9-PR4) websites like –
  • YouTube – PR10
  • Vimeo – PR9
  • DailyMotion – PR9
  • Flickr – PR9
  • ScreenCast – PR8 and 36+ high PR video sharing websites.
  • New Email: A new email address will be used to create new account to all top video sharing sites. And we will send you login detail so that you can use if later.
  • New Account: we will create new account with new user name password to all video sharing sites and provide you the login detail. You can use those accounts to submit your videos later.
  • Manual: We will give your job to one of our stuffs, who will open new email ID, create new accounts and submit your videos manually.
  • Approved: All website will approve your video and we will only provide you live links.
  • Verified Links: You will get 50+ verified links from 50+ different IPs or websites and this will give you huge link diversity.
  • DoFollow NoFollow: To keep your link building campaign safe and natural some of the links will come for nofollow site and some from dofollow video sharing websites.
  • SERP Boost: As we said videos are the recent popular SEO technique used by SEO experts because it gives your website huge boosts in SERP.
  • Quality Report: One excel sheet with your live links and your user names, passwords will be provided so that you can check everything.
  • Delivery: We will take 7-10 working days to delivery your job as we will do it manually.
  • Price: Please do some research on video submission service and compare our price and quality with them. We can guarantee you will come back to us for both price and quality.
  • Customer Service: Most of our customers order us again and again because of our customer service, quality and price.

Features of Our Video Submission Service

or 999/- BDT
√ 50+ Top & Popular Websites
√ High Page Rank (PR9-PR4)
√ 100+ Verified Unique IPs and Domains
√ 100% Manual Submission
√ New eMail Address
√ 50+ Website Login Detial
√ Verified & Approval Links
√ Mix of Dofollow Nofollow Links
√ Powerful Domain Authority
√ Powerful One Way Link Juice
√ Huge IP & Domain Diversity
√ Trendy & Effective SEO Technique
√ 100% SEO Friendly
√ Detail Excel Report
√ Delivery in 7-10 Days
√ 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

What We Need From You

  • Video: Send us minimum 1 minute video. If you don’t have a video we can create an amazing video for you.
  • Website: Your website URL or Domain.
  • Title: Small title – less than 60 characters.
  • Description: Description within 200 characters.
  • Category: One category for your video.
  • Tags: 3-5 Tags for your submission.