Web Hosting Solution From Techno Limited

In today’s world, whether you sell pretzels or repair automobiles, your business should have a strong online presence. A website that, besides being on par with today’s trends and technology, is most importantly, stable. An aesthetically pleasing website that loads fast and is always responsive will exude the professionalism you want to be known for. Our Bangladeshi based web hosting company will provide just that.

Just like mechanics are great at fixing cars, we are the best when it comes to the online medium. As a company that’s fully dedicated to our customers, we understand how busy they can be. In regards to your business’s online presence, we won’t just share the load with you but take it off your back completely. While we store your data as securely as possible, away from any malicious software, we also offer support around the clock so that your problem can quickly turn into ours.

Our team of experts is both, highly competent and deeply involved in what they do. We can help with everything, from choosing and purchasing a domain name that’s to your liking, to setting up your new email accounts for your company, to, of course, maintaining your website and making sure it runs smoothly.

Why Choose Techno Limited

Located in USA

Our web hosting servers are all located in USA and this is why we are most reliable and fastest hosting service provider in Bangladesh.

99% Uptime

No point of hosting your website if it is not life 24 hours. Your websites will never go offline as we never go down and we guarantee 99% uptime of our hosting service.

Traffic Statistic

A quick and easy way for you to monitor your website’s stats. This way you’ll always be up to date with the level of your website’s optimization and just how many people visit.

Anti Spam

Our high-tech servers will protection your site from all sort of undesired spam. Managing your email will turn into a very short and effective process.

Virus Protection

Protection against the myriad of viruses out there. We are always up to date with malicious software changes and are more than able to administer just the right antibiotics on time.

Easy cPanel

An easy way to make changes and implement new things on your website via a user-friendly control panel.

Database Solution

A way to have databases adjoined to your site.

Money Back Guarantee

We offer 30 Days money back guarantee. If you find any issue with our service or server or if our server goes down even for a day and if you are not happy we will return you your money.

Technical Support

Your sever means our server. So if your web sever goes down or needs any technical support means we need our own server to be fixed. And we provide 24/7 technical support for our hosting clients.

And all of this at attractive packages aimed at both small and large companies. Seek us out and we will provide the solutions for you.